Rant of a teenage child

Some children are jealous of people who have their parents support to do whatever the hell they want, be it their professional or personal life. Everybody is not lucky. Dont make assumptions that they are not happy for you, it’s just that they too want to follow their dream but can’t. Everyone says follow your dreams, let people say what they want to say. Ignore them. Prove them wrong. But what to do when those people are your family? Dumbledore in Harry Potter has rightly said, ” it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies but a great deal more to stand up to your friends”. Every parent want that their child should be a doctor or engineer or a lawyer but no parent want that their child should be a musician or a painter, a singer, an actor or a writer. Thousand of dreams die everyday because of it. Maybe these are not mainstream careers and it might involve lot of struggle but that would be your children’s decision. He/she would be happy or sad but they wouldn’t be able to blame it on you. To be a good son/daughter means that they should blindly follow their parents wishes. And if their children don’t follow just one wish, parents would assume the worst. What kind of people are you hanging out with? You have become a bad boy/girl. Look at your older/younger siblings they don’t do things like you. Be like them. For the record, never compare your children with anyone, not even siblings. They’ll go rogue. They’ll assume that no matter what they do, their parents won’t be happy, so let’s drop the act and do whatever the hell we want. They’ll stop sharing things with you and become distant. So let them make mistakes and gain experience on their own. They’ll come to you when they feel right.

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